US contributes protective vests, helmets to Sindh jails department

The United States (US) has actually contributed protective devices worth roughly Rs 70,000,000 to the Sindh Prisons Department.

Corrections staff, specifically those on the border, entryway points, and working outside the solidified walls and structures, are susceptible targets.

The cutting edge, light-weight helmets and vests, offered by the Department of State’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau (INL), will help safeguard jail officers as they protect jails throughout Sindh.

Nathaniel Haft, the INL Corrections Program Officer stated, “We take pride in our collaboration and partnership with the Sindh Prisons Department and hope these products will influence more self-confidence in those officers who use this devices. These officers are a crucial part of the criminal justice system and offer an essential service to Karachi and Pakistan, for which they deserve our gratitude and assistance.”.

The State Department’s INL Bureau, which started its collaboration with the Sindh Prisons Department in 2014, operates in more than 90 nations to assist federal governments fight criminal activity and corruption, counter drug-related criminal offense, enhance cops organizations, and promote laws and court systems that are reasonable and liable.